Good Morning, Traders!
It is Friday the 4th of August, here are some things to look out for today.

For a designated prep article on Nonfarm Payrolls, CLICK HERE

This morning, Treasuries are little changed, with the curve flattening slightly, while the dollar is stable and US equity futures are higher ahead of July employment figures.
The Swiss franc lags behind its Group-of-10 counterparts, with the Norwegian krone outperforming.

No amount of power or wealth can compensate for the annoyance of being judged for your borrowing habits, as the world's largest economy recently experienced with its downgrade by Fitch Ratings.

Global food prices increased for the first time in three months, as trade disruptions from India to the Black Sea, as well as extreme weather, rekindled supply concerns.

08:30 AM ET
US Employment Data for July
Nonfarm Payrolls - Median Forecast: 200K | Prior: 209K | Range: 300K / 150K
Unemployment Rate - Median Forecast: 3.6% | Prior: 3.6% | Range: 3.7% / 3.5%

Canadian Employment Data for July
Employment Change - Median Forecast: 25K | Prior: 59.9K | Range: 47.7K / 7.8K
Unemployment Rate - Median Forecast: 5.5% | Prior: 5.4% | Range: 5.5% / 5.3%


Good luck!