Good Morning Traders!
It is Thursday the 17th of August and here is what to look out for today.

At their July policy meeting, Federal Reserve officials were largely concerned that inflation would continue to rise and that further interest-rate increases would be required. At the same time, cracks in that consensus were beginning to show. Treasuries fell, with the 10-year note yielding about 4 basis points higher at 4.29%, the highest since October. Global government bond yields rose to their highest levels since 2008, as resilient economic data dashed investor hopes that central banks will soon halt or reverse interest-rate hikes. China increased its efforts to stem yuan losses by issuing the most forceful guidance since October via its daily reference rate for the managed currency.

08:30 AM ET
US Jobless Claims Data
Jobless - Median Forecast: 240K | Prior: 248K| Range: 256K / 225K
Continued - Median Forecast: 1.7M | Prior: 1.684M | Range: 1.714M / 1.69M

US Philly Fed Business Index
Median Forecast: -10 | Prior: -13.5 | Range: -5 / -19.4

11:30 AM ET
US Sells $80 bln in 4-Week Bills