Good Morning Traders!
It is Monday the 28th of August and here is what to look out for today.

In Jackson Hole, the world's top central bankers emphasised the importance of keeping interest rates high until inflation is contained - while grappling with deeper economic shifts that will make their jobs more difficult. US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo stressed the importance of stable economic ties between the world's largest economies during a visit to Beijing this week as she tries to expand business ties. China's economy was expected to drive a third of global economic growth this year, so the country's dramatic slowdown in recent months is causing concern around the world.

11:30 AM ET
US Sells 45 bln in 2-Year Notes at Auction
US Sells 62 bln in 6-Month Bills at Auction

13:00 PM ET
US Sells 46 bln in 5-Year Notes at Auction
US Sells 69 bln in 3-Month Bills at Auction

12:30 PM ET
Fed's Barr speaks in roundtable conversation with Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes Council.
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Q&A: Yes