Morning, Traders!
It is Friday the 1st of September, and as we enter the first day of the Autumn season, here is what to look out for today.

It's jobs report day in the United States! The labour market in the United States likely cooled in August, but the slowdown could be mitigated by an increase in demand for leisure and hospitality workers, according to analysts.

The dollar strengthened ahead of US payrolls data, as investors awaited more evidence of a slowing labour market.
The key question is whether any further signs of weakness in the still-tight US labour market will be sufficient to halt the Fed's tightening cycle.

For the designated prep article on today's Nonfarm Payrolls release, CLICK HERE


8:30 AM ET

US Employment Data for August
Nonfarm Payrolls - Median Forecast: 170K | Prior (Revised): 187K  | Range: 230K / 120K
Unemployment Rate - Median Forecast: 3.5% | Prior: 3.5% | Range: 3.6% / 3.5%

Canadian GDP QoQ Annualized for Q2
Median Forecast: 1.2% | Prior: 3.1% | Range: 1.6% / 0.5%

9:45 AM ET
US S&P Manufacturing PMI August Final
Median Forecast: 47 | Prior: 47 | Range: 47.2 / 46.2

10:00 AM ET
US ISM Manufacturing PMI for August
Median Forecast: 47 | Prior: 46.4 | Range: 48.8 / 45.5


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