Morning, Traders!
Hope you had a good weekend, today is Monday the 19th of December, and we have a quiet day on the docket today
Here are some of the things to look out for

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The highest interest rates in 15 years are delaying home purchases in the United States, putting business plans on hold, and forcing many Americans to accept loan terms that were unthinkable just nine months ago.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell has a new north star to guide him in his fight against inflation, and it will put American paychecks at the center of monetary policy next year.

Germany may face a milder recession, as business confidence surveys appear to show the economy has passed the nadir.

8:30 AM ET
Canadian PPI MoM for November - Prior 2.4%
Canadian RMPI MoM for November - Prior 1.3%

10:00 AM ET
US NAHB Housing Market Index for December - Median Forecast: 34 | Range: 35 / 31 | Prior: 33

11:30 AM ET
US sells $54 bln 3-Month Bills
US sells $45 bln 6-Month Bills


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