Morning Traders!
It is Monday the 30th of October, a quiet start to an important week of US data, which contains US employment numbers, and the FOMC's latest interest rate decision later in the week.
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Nonetheless, here is what to look out for today.

The Federal Reserve’s policy statement is setting up to be the No. 2 event on Wednesday, with investor focus instead likely to be on the Treasury Department’s new borrowing plan, due hours ahead of the interest-rate decision
The so-called quarterly refunding announcement will reveal the extent to which the Treasury will ramp up sales of longer-term debt to fund a widening budget deficit. Those securities have been tumbling for weeks, even amid signals from Fed officials they’re “at or near” the end of rate hikes.

The selloff has sent yields to the highest levels since before the global financial crisis - making longer-term Treasuries more costly for the government.
Investors are eager to see whether officials maintain the pace of increase in longer-term debt sales they announced in the August plan. Bumpy auctions of some securities in recent weeks have only increased that focus.


11:30 AM ET
US sells $75 bln 3-Month Bills
US sells $68 bln 6-Month Bills


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