Morning, Traders!
It is Monday the 13th of November, another quiet start to the week.
Nonetheless, here are some things to look out for today.

After Moody's cut the US credit outlook to negative after the closing bell on Friday, the dollar was little changed and Treasuries were slightly higher.
The yen fell to a new one-year low against the dollar, while the pound rose as UK house prices fell. Oil fell below $81 per barrel, extending a three-week decline.

Priorities for the White House ahead of this week's meeting include the resumption of US-China military communications.
US Treasury Secretary Yellen will return to China next year at the invitation of her counterpart, as officials from the world's two largest economies seek to increase contact and improve tense relations.

Morgan Stanley economists predict that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates dramatically over the next two years as inflation falls, whereas Goldman Sachs analysts predict fewer cuts and a later start.


11:00 ET

NY Fed 1-Year Inflation Expectations

11:30 ET
US sells $75 bln 3-Month Bills
US sells $68 bln 6-Month Bills


Good luck!