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It is Wednesday the 13th of December, the day of the FOMC's latest interest rate decision.
Here are some things to look out for today.

All eyes on the interest rate decision, and the Summary of Economic Projections.
The Federal Reserve will most likely hold interest rates steady for a third consecutive meeting, defying market expectations of rate cuts as soon as March.

President Joe Biden's top economic adviser says rising wages and lower inflation will help American households' bottom lines, potentially easing the disconnect between a strong economy and voter anxiety weighing on his reelection bid.

The interest on the US debt drove the November budget deficit to $314 billion, a record for the calendar month.

Mortgage rates in the United States fell for the fourth week in a row, boosting applications for home purchases and refinancing.


08:30 ET

US PPI for November
YoY - Median Forecast: 1% | Prior: 1.3% | Range: 1.1% / 0.7%
MoM - Median Forecast: 0% | Prior: -0.5% | Range: 0.2% / -0.2%
Core YoY - Median Forecast: 2.2% | Prior: 2.4% | Range: 2.4% / 2.2%
Core MoM - Median Forecast: 0.2% | Prior: 0% | Range: 0.3% / -0.1%

10:30 ET
Weekly US EIA Crude Oil Inventories
Median Forecast: -2M | Prior: -4.632M | Range: -1.2M / -3.318M

14:00 ET
US Interest Rate Decision
The median forecast sees the US interest rate remaining unchanged at 5.5% for the third consecutive meeting.

FOMC Summary of Economic Projections

FOMC Rate Statement

US Interest rate prep article - READ HERE


14:30 ET

FOMC Press Conference with Fed's Chair Powell, following the US Interest Rate Decision.


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