Morning, Traders!
We hope you all enjoyed the New Year period.
It is Tuesday the 2nd of January, here are some things to look out for today.

Treasuries fall, led by the belly of the curve, as money markets reduce their bets on Federal Reserve interest-rate cuts in 2024 by up to 5 basis points, while the dollar gains primarily at the expense of the Japanese yen and Swiss franc.
Stock futures fell.

After a more than $8 trillion surge in the S&P 500 last year, the first trading day of the new year brought 2023's scorching rally to a halt so far.
Tensions in the Middle East drove up oil prices, while Chinese data was weak.

09:45 ET

US S&P Manufacturing PMI December Final
Median Forecast: 48.4 | Prior: 48.2 | Range: 49.8 / 48.2

11:30 ET
US sells $75 bln 3-Month Bills
US sells $68 bln 6-Month Bills

Good luck!