Good Morning Traders!
It is Tuesday 20th of June, here are some things to look out for.

This week, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell will have the opportunity to clarify what many saw as a muddled message on the course of interest rates, as well as reassure Democrats and Republicans that the economy is on track.

As Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Beijing, he was met with silence. Yet, as he was leaving less than 48 hours later, Blinken stated that the trip had succeeded since the two sides had restored some senior-level communications.

US homebuilder confidence rose to an 11-month high in June, as a restricted supply of existing homes fueled interest in new development.

08:30 AM ET
US Housing Starts Number - Median Forecast 1.4M | Prior 1.401M | Range 1.46M/1.308M

11:30 AM ET
US 3-Month Bill Auction
US 6-Month Bill Auction

09:45 AM ET
ECB's McCaul speaks at the annual Workshop of the Council for the US and Italy "The future of globalization: politics, business, lifestyle, brands" organised by The Council for the United States and Italy in Milan.

10:30 AM ET
ECB's Simkus speaks at an MNI event.

11:45 AM ET
Fed's Barr & Fed's Williams about culture and leadership at the bank's 2023 Governance and Culture Reform Conference. No text but a Q&A is expected.

13:00 PM ET
ECB's de Cos Speaks & ECB's de Guindos speak at the awarding of the German Bernacer prize in Madrid.

Good Luck Today Traders!