Good Morning Traders!
It is Monday 26th of June, here are some things to look out for.

Finally, the bond market is catching up to Jerome Powell's predictions for the economy. According to the Bank for International Settlements, the unprecedented cycle of global interest rate increases is entering its most difficult phase as inflation threatens to become entrenched. It appears that the decline in US residential investment, which has lasted for eight consecutive quarters, may be coming to an end. A significant barrier to continued economic growth is expected to be removed by the emerging upswing currently under progress.


11:30 AM ET
US 3-Month Bill Auction
US 6-Month Bills Auction

13:00 PM ET
US 2-Year Notes Auction

10:00 AM ET
ECB's McCaul participates in the roundtable on "Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) sustainability in the financial sector" at Point Zero Forum.

10:25 AM ET
SNB's Maechler participates in a forum called The Great Debate: What is the Future of Money?

13:30 PM ET
ECB's Lagarde gives welcome remarks at the opening reception of ECB Forum on Central Banking in Sintra.
IMF's Gopinath gives a dinner speech: Three Uncomfortable Truths for Monetary Policy in Sintra. Live streaming of the dinner speech will begin at 14:00 ET.
ECB's de Cos attends the 2023 ECB Forum on Central Banking "Macroeconomic stabilization in a volatile inflation environment".