Morning, Traders!
Today is Wednesday , November 30th, Here are some things to look out for.

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Docket For today's session:

8:15 AM ET

US ADP Employment Change November: Median Forecast 200k , prior 239k, Range 230K / 90K.

8:30 AM ET

US GDP QoQ 3Q 2nd Estimate: Median Forecast 2.8% , Prior 2.6% , Range 3.2% / 2.6%

US Core PCE Prices Prelim 3Q:  Median Forecast 4.5%, Prior 4.5%, Range 4.9% / 4.5%

US GDP Deflator Prelim: Median Forecast 4.1%, Prior  4.1%

US PCE Prices Prelim: Prior 4.2%

US Advance Goods Trade Balance: Median Forecast -90.6B, Prior -91.91B

US Retail Inventories Ex-Auto Advance: Prior -0.1%

US Wholesale Inventories MoM Advance: Median Forecast 0.5%, Prior 0.6%

10:30 AM ET

US EIA Crude Oil Inventories: Median Forecast -3.123M, Prior -3.691M, Range-2M/-3.5M

US EIA Crude Cushing Inventories: Prior -0.887M

US EIA Distillate Inventories: Prior 1.718M

US EIA Gasoline Inventories: Prior 3.058M

2:00 PM ET

Fed Beige Book

4:00 PM ET

NZ Governemnt 4-Month Financial Statement

4:30 PM ET

AIG Manufacturing Index: Prior 49.6

5:00 PM ET

Australian Mfg PMI Final: Prior 51.5

Speakers for today's session

8:50 AM ET

Fed's Bowman

12:35  PM ET

Fed's Cook

1:30 PM ET

Fed's Powell