- Investors placed their hopes in discussions in Washington to end the impasse over extending the debt ceiling, and markets indicated a recovery after a selloff on Wall Street. The dollar reached its highest level in over five weeks.

- US stock futures increased and Treasuries held steady as negotiators from the White House and Congress worked to narrow their differences.

- Markets are uneasy due to concern that Washington's leaders won't be able to prevent a historic default before the deadline of June 1. Tuesday saw an increase in yields across the US curve, with the 30-year note yield reaching its highest level since the early-March crisis impacting regional banks, rising to almost 3.9%.

- The goal of the negotiations is to reach a framework agreement that can be reviewed after President Joe Biden's brief trip to Asia. Any progress in the negotiations would encourage a market rally and eliminate one of the main tail risks dragging on optimism.

- UK's Chancellor Hunt: The UK is on a path where we will bring inflation and rates down.

- BoE Gov. Bailey: If there were to be evidence of more persistent pressures, then further tightening in monetary policy would be required.

- Turkish Officials: Parties are nearing an extension to the Ukraine grain deal.